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Naija Summit is the next big thing in the Nigerian entertainment market with a focus on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of high-quality entertainment. We will capitalize on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of high-quality entertainment. Located in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos, the company will become highly profitable through the sale of our sound engineering services, videography and photography services, advertisement and modeling services, and event management services. Naija Summit will own and control the masters (master copies), copyrights and licenses of its product, which will enable us to create immediate revenue streams while growing its business into a multi-billion dollar asset. The company has established four key sections in the entertainment hub to handle a variety of digital and social entertainment industry. We will distinguish ourselves from other entertainment companies through its marketing and promotional plan. Intense, calculated and relentless promotional campaigns will enable us to earn massive revenues through the growing popularity of leveraging social media.


We aim to innovate Nigeria and promote unity amongst us. We intend to achieve this through entertainment, thereby increasing employment rates, decreasing crime rates, and through this, enhance our culture, draw positive attention from foreign counterparts, and increase our Nigeria Economy. This vision is a reflection of our values, integrity, outstanding service and teamwork.


Our mission is to stand out among entertainment industry as the lead entity in the social innovation organizations in Nigeria. We intend to achieve this by connecting Nigeria to the international space and bringing her to the front run of social activities and entertainment on both local and international platforms.


Nigeria is a developing economy in Africa, albeit with appreciable potentials for greatness given its large labor force and abundance in natural resources, including petroleum and natural gas, as well as arable land and water resources (Durojaiye, 2003; Akasike, 2007; Hassan, 2011). However, as things stand today, the nation is struggling to feed her large population, create jobs for its overwhelming workforce and ensure evenly distributed general socio-economic empowerment amongst the citizenry (Durojaiye, 2003). Consequently, there remains a need for strategies and actions towards accelerated economic growth and empowerment in the country and Naija Summit is ready to accelerate this space.

Amongst the avenues long recognized as crucial for securing better economic fortunes for Nigeria, is the entertainment and media (E&M) industry in the country; notably, the film industry (which is adjudged the most prolific in the world and the second biggest employer after the government) and the mobile Telecommunications industry (Omenugha, 2015). Both have recorded significant success stories in recent years (Open Society Foundations, 2012; Dare, 2011; Pyramid Research, 2010). A report by PwC’s Global entertainment and media outlook 2017-2021 asserted that Nigeria produces around 2,500 films a year; a figure that makes it the second biggest production hub after India. Indeed, the entertainment and media (E&M) industry have been described as a vital element in the nation’s economy given its vibrancy and contribution to the nation’s economy; including the GDP. It provides a viable platform through which a large portion of the population can launch themselves to economic success which in turn creates wealth and job opportunities for many others (Federal Ministry of Finance, 2012). Naija Summit is targeting to create employment opportunities for over 1,000 Nigerian citizens over the next 2 years. Sectors dominated in the entertainment and media (E&M) industry such as film, music and events management, have emerged as leading contributors to the nation’s gross domestic product (Liston, 2014).

Innovations in technology, particularly in digital media, increasingly are changing the way people use Media, Entertainment & Information (MEI) services. More than this, the very fabric of daily life is being altered. People are interacting and connecting with each other in different ways. Their sensibilities and psychologies are changing. Blurring boundaries between private and professional lives and the hunger for immediate information are driving online connection time. Trust in individuals’ relationships with digital media has become an increasingly prominent issue. In some ways, new generations are leading the evolution in changing behavior, but in others, older generations are “catching up” surprisingly quickly.

This became the catalyst to the changes in social trends and who better than Naija Summit to change the view of Nigerians in relation to contributing immensely to the growth of this industry and Nigeria.


Our goal as an international brand is to establish the innovative revolution opportunities to rebrand and restructure the entertainment in Nigeria. With alot of problems people are facing in the entertainment sector, we believe their is more to bring to the table the current stage of entertainment in Nigeria.

Our Team

Meet our professional and talented team that give their best to make your events fruitful. They are our biggest asset because they give their best in what they do. It's through their effort that make Naija Summit stand out among all event planner in Nigeria. We appreciate them and we will go to any lenght to keep them with us forever. Get to know them, their roll and their social handles.
"Our people are our greatest asset".

Nelson Tosin Ajulo (PhD)

Founder & CEO

Nelson is a Nigerian that based in Netherlands. He is an Architect and serial enterpreneur. He is the CEO and MD of The Bridge Empire Consultancy TBEC, Nigeria branch. He is also the CEO and Founder of Naija Summit. He is a goal driven person that sees an opportunity and make a good use of it. He has traveled to several countries to expand his knowledge on how to create opportunities with a unique business ideas.

Oredola Akinniranye

Human Resource Manager

Oredola is a certified Human Resource expert with a strong portfolio. She finished her masters from a well recongnised unversity from the united kingdom to obtain her Msc in HRM.

Muideen Adeogun

I.T Director

Muideen is a creative IT Specialist, Web developer / Programmer and Graphics Designer. He is also a tutor that organize seminars and trainings on IT both online and offline.

Michael Ikhariale

Photography / Videography Director

Michael is the director of photography and videography for TBEC and Naija Summit. He is an IT based personnel and also work as the video editor for Naija Summit.

Tosin Ariyo

Digital Marketing Director

Tosin is professional and experienced digital marketer. He has worked for a couple of top tech companies, both locally and internationally. He is also a creative graphics designer.

Our Partners


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How do I book for an event with Naija Summit?

Fill the CHECK AVAILABILITY form on our homepage and contact page. Fill out all the required information, which include your details, the type of event you are palnning to hold, the date for the event, your budget for the event, number of guest your expecting on the event and the some information about your event. We will use the information to determine the venue and location that will fit for your event plan.

How can I get my seminar event posted on your website for visitors to apply?

Contact us through our email address or call us to get the form for event publication on our website. You can also get the full package if we are the one planning your event for you. Having your events display on our website will generate visitors and income, depend on the type of event you plan to hold.

How can i apply to attend any event on your website?

You can always check for new and upcoming events on our website. You just need to check on the one you are interested in and fill in the form to attend. Proceed to make your payment for the event and your ticket will be sent to your email. You just need to print the ticket out and take it to the event venue on specified date.

How can i get my booking ticket after booking and make payment

Your booking ticket will be sent to your provided once you have filled the booking form and make your payment. Booking without payment will make your booking ticket invalid.

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