Sound Engineering and Production

Sound Engineering and Production

At our Sound Engineering company, we bring imagination and expertise to the newest products and platforms, embrace new business models, employ breakthrough tools, and provide powerful insights that help our artists push creative boundaries and reach new audiences. We aim to be equipped with world-class standard sound tools and gadgets that will help us in producing good and quality sounds for our clients. We are on a mission to build a client-oriented sound engineering platform by ensuring that every client that does business with us is 100% satisfied.

Music Recording

We provide studio for artist to record good music and produce it for them.

Sound Recording

We also provide space and equipment for anyone to record voice for any personal or business use.

Sound Production

We edit, modify and produce sounds recorded from our studio or from outside.

Podcast setup

We help individuals or group of people to setup a studio for live podcasts.

Training and Consulting

We also offer trainings and consultations for personal and business purposes.

Setting Up Recording Studio for Clients

We can setup our recording studio for clients with all the equipment needed.

Production of Advertisement Jingles

We have professionals on ground for radio advertisement jingles production.

Production of Movies Soundtracks

We can produce the soundtracks for movies in and outside the studio.

Production of Audio Books and Instructional Materials

We have talented people that can produce audio books and instructional materials.

Sales of Studio Equipment

We also sell studio equipments like microphones, speakers, mixing deck, mic stand and more, at a cheaper rate for wholesales and retailers.

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How do I book for an event with Naija Summit?

Fill the CHECK AVAILABILITY form on our homepage and contact page. Fill out all the required information, which include your details, the type of event you are palnning to hold, the date for the event, your budget for the event, number of guest your expecting on the event and the some information about your event. We will use the information to determine the venue and location that will fit for your event plan.

How can I get my seminar event posted on your website for visitors to apply?

Contact us through our email address or call us to get the form for event publication on our website. You can also get the full package if we are the one planning your event for you. Having your events display on our website will generate visitors and income, depend on the type of event you plan to hold.

How can i apply to attend any event on your website?

You can always check for new and upcoming events on our website. You just need to check on the one you are interested in and fill in the form to attend. Proceed to make your payment for the event and your ticket will be sent to your email. You just need to print the ticket out and take it to the event venue on specified date.

How can i get my booking ticket after booking and make payment

Your booking ticket will be sent to your provided once you have filled the booking form and make your payment. Booking without payment will make your booking ticket invalid.

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